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Zanzibar: Should you add it?

Dhow Sail, Paje Beach

Zanzibar is an extension anyone can add on to their safari trip, Just an 1.5 hour flight outside of the Serengeti, you land in the beautiful tropics. Safaris are very, very exciting but can also be very exhausting. Your adrenaline is pumping all day with the excitement, so why not add a few days on the end of your trip of a lifetime, unwinding on the beaches with a refreshing drink in your hand?!

What’s even more convenient is that Zanzibar has an international airport, so you do not need to return to the mainland for your international flight home! So the only additional cost is the one bush plane out of the Serengeti, which depending on the time of year/part of the Serengeti you are in, will run you approx $350-$600 USD PP.  Additionally, we have found that a majority of the international flights leaving Zanzibar, leave late in the evening which gives you an additional full day of excursions, shopping, exploring or just relaxing!

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar. Accessible by Boat

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. It is known as Africa’s most sought after beach destinations for its gorgeous turquoise waters & flour-like, white sands. It’s rich with culture, history- Stone Town, FLAVOR (known as “Spice Island“), endless water excursions, and of course, its the birthplace to the one & only, Freddie Mercury.

Kiwengwa Beach

Wether you just want a quiet, peaceful ending to your trip, or if you want a little bit of action mixed in with relaxation; the island has a wide variety of beaches catering to all of the above. From all inclusive resorts to more boutique-like hidden gem resorts, we have scouted out some of the best spots to fit anyones desires. Paje Beach is known for it’s kitesurfing, water sports and beautiful beaches whereas Kiwengwa is a bit quieter, but still within reach by to excursions, and of course Kendwa Beach, voted as the 4th most beautiful beach in the world, also known for its nightlife.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Most of the excursions here on the island are shorter, which is great that you can still have a majority of the day for relaxing  by the beach or pool. (Follow up with my other post covering all the different excursions in Zanzibar)

So, do we think it’s worth it? ABSOLUTELY. We would recommend 3 days at least, but if time only permits 2 days, that is always better than none!

If your budget does not allow for you to add on the bush plane and lodging here in Zanzibar, then I strongly recommend one additional night in Arusha at one of our luxury resorts (Gran Melia– approx $300 USD per night) for unwinding by their gorgeous pool and their amenities before your long journey home.