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one of Tanzania’s most successful safari companies

The heart of Born to Dream Tours is Lead Safari Guide and Managing Director, Daniel Laurent, considered the best travel guide in the area! He is your ultimate tour guide, born and raised in Karatu District, Arusha Region, Tanzania. He currently lives in Arusha. He is a Tourism graduate, with a concentration in Tourism & Wildlife Management. Starting his career as a mountain & hiking guide, Daniel has over a decade of professional guide experience.

Graduating in 2013, Daniel specializes in Botany, Entomology, Anthropology, and Zoology. After receiving his degree, he worked as a safari operator at various tour and safari companies in Arusha, Tanzania. Daniel has become one of the top tour operators of Tanzania. With all his experience & knowledge, he built what is now Born to Dream Tours, and he is the Managing Director. Over the years he has organized and arranged walking tours, wildlife safaris, tribal visits, hot air balloon rides, beach get aways, mountain treks, and has even acted as production assistant to film documentaries!

Daniel’s business partners are Ryan and Kristin Torres. Ryan is an avid wildlife & nature enthusiast. He has over two decades of management, working with nature & botany. His love & knowledge for Africa ranges from understanding the elephants’ body language, to how the acacia trees have an impact on the ecosystem, to the multitude of symbiotic relationships which occur to create these varied and lavish ecosystems.

Ryan has always loved the outdoors, always dreamt of a day in Africa and now is part owner of one of Tanzania’s most successful safari companies.

Kristin Torres, an entrepreneur at heart, has over two decades in the high-end hospitality industry, along with owning her own successful businesses. She knows how to cater to peoples’ needs and always makes sure she surpasses expectations on a continuous basis! As a successful interior designer, Kristin was born with a keen eye for beauty. Which she now applies to taking breathtaking photographs of Africa’s beauty.

Kristin & Ryan are available for hire as your photographer to document your trip of a lifetime!
The team Daniel has built and passed his knowledge onto, will help plan everything with you from flights, hotel or other lodging/camping reservations, hire a driver or rent a vehicle, to planning excursions. Whether you are solo and would rather join other tour groups on occasion or not at all. To larger groups with activities together, that can also break off into smaller groups as desired. The Born to Dream Tours team will provide the right number of staff, guides, accommodations, transportation for you and your group, etc. Every passenger will feel taken care of; with the customized treatment you deserve!

The Born to Dream team will be at your total disposal throughout your stay in Tanzania. When choosing a tour company, choose one that calls you by name and considers your expectations; This is Born to Dream Tours.
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